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Oceanus Partners
  • We Thought We Knew Everything About Work Comp

    “CoLiance Risk Advisors THOUGHT we had a competitive advantage by leading with work comp.  Little did we know there is much more to the system then we ever imagined.  Combining what we knew with expertise from Oceanus Partners allowed us to develop much deeper relationships with our prospects, clients, and COI's.   As principle of the agency, I give Oceanus Partners 100% credit for giving CoLiance Risk Advisors a REAL competitive edge in a very difficult work comp system and empowering our producers with knowledge giving them the confidence to drive change in a competitive situation.    The numbers speak for themselves.  Our partnership with Oceanus Partners is going on its 3rd year.  Each year we have achieved 20% top line growth, while tripling our bottom line.   Thanks Frank and Susan.”

    - Judd Feldman, Partner
    CoLiance Risk Advisors

  • Engaging with Oceanus Partners is Money Well Spent

    Our agency has worked with Frank and Susan of Oceanus Partners since they began their partnership. It was not a difficult decision, as their view on our industry and the opportunities and challenges it faces, aligns closely with ours. They are excellent at seeing what the issues are and then developing strategies to take advantage of them. Most important, they deliver the tools and training necessary to implement a process that is repeatable that our agency can leverage to address these issues. These are things that would be nearly impossible to undertake on our own due to time, expense, and so on. I am very happy that they are expanding their reach beyond just Workers Comp as well, as their ability to work with us in other areas is exciting. They have a unique understanding of salespeople and sales in general, that translates to many aspects of our agency, and I love when I hear people around our offices using “Frankisms”. Most any agency would find engaging with Oceanus Partners money well spent.

    - Erik Van Beurden, CEO
    Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc

  • If You Want to Ba Sustainable Advantage That You Can be Proud of, Give Oceanus a Call

    “Having the right partner during a significant change initiative is crucial. When we set out to find that right partner, Oceanus met all the basic criteria we were looking for in a consultant – real life experience, a well researched and proven process, in-person training and coaching. All that was great. However, the main reason we chose to partner with Oceanus is they had a true respect for our sales and service professionals, our clients and most importantly the insurance industry as a true “profession.” The process and approach espoused adds real value for both our agency and our “right fit” clients. A true win-win. I would be proud to have any of our largest clients or most sought-after recruits witness any part of our training. They would come away understanding that our approach adds real value and lifts many companies out of a “flawed and dangerous” approach to insurance and risk management that has unfortunately all too often reflected poorly on our industry. If you are looking for gimmicks and quick tricks, Oceanus is not for you. If you want to build a sustainable advantage that you can be proud of, give them a call. Now let’s hope we sell something!”

    - Patrick Kelly, President of Commercial Division
    Johnson Insurance Service

  • We had Our Best First Quarter in a Number of Years.

    “After the economic meltdown that occurred around 2008, our same old sales process was not working any longer. We were searching for a way to help our sales people and our agency change to be more successful. About this same time I was invited to attend a training session which one of our insurance carriers was funding and they felt it might be helpful. This is where I first met Susan and Frank. During the next few months, I learned that our agency was not alone in this process of change and searching for a new way to find success. I further learned that Susan and Frank not only understood our industry but had a system which could help us change.

    “We had all been through many of the typical sales training options that are out there for our industry. What made the Oceanus model unique for us was the fact that they had experience selling in our industry, they had a system in which they not only dealt with the reasons why their system would work, but they also had the practical application part where they showed you the path to succeed. Most sales training has someone teaching that has never sold in the insurance industry and it covers only the theoretical part of a sales process. They typically do not give you the tools to use, the questions to ask, the follow up questions to pursue, and a process that is proven to work like the Oceanus model. This is why we chose to begin working with Susan and Frank.”

    “We have been working with Oceanus for about 11 months now and we have seen a change in our producers. It has not been an easy transition for some of them and some are still trying to figure it all out. However, they are all looking at things differently now and working in a different manner. It will continue to evolve and Oceanus will continue working to help our producers and our agency succeed. I do know that we had to change in order to be successful in the future. And I also know that we had our best first quarter in a number of years. So if you are looking for a way to improve your agency and your sales process, I highly encourage you to speak with Oceanus.”

    - Jeffrey H. Haney, CPCU, ARM
    ECM Solutions

  • Oceanus Partners Identified Problems We Didn't Know We Had

    Frank and Susan have been an asset to our team in delivering industry best practices and providing solutions to many internal problems we didn't even know we had. They have truly become trusted advisors in that what they say, we listen to and take to heart. They are a great resource for any firm looking to grow and differentiate.

    - Brandt D. Beal, President & CEO
    The Gibraltar Group