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Oceanus Partners
  • Engaging with Oceanus Partners is Money Well Spent

    Our agency has worked with Frank and Susan of Oceanus Partners since they began their partnership. It was not a difficult decision, as their view on our industry and the opportunities and challenges it faces, aligns closely with ours. They are excellent at seeing what the issues are and then developing strategies to take advantage of them. Most important, they deliver the tools and training necessary to implement a process that is repeatable that our agency can leverage to address these issues. These are things that would be nearly impossible to undertake on our own due to time, expense, and so on. I am very happy that they are expanding their reach beyond just Workers Comp as well, as their ability to work with us in other areas is exciting. They have a unique understanding of salespeople and sales in general, that translates to many aspects of our agency, and I love when I hear people around our offices using “Frankisms”. Most any agency would find engaging with Oceanus Partners money well spent.

    - Erik Van Beurden, CEO
    Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc

  • If You Want to Be a Sustainable Advantage That You Can be Proud of, Give Oceanus a Call

    “Having the right partner during a significant change initiative is crucial. When we set out to find that right partner, Oceanus met all the basic criteria we were looking for in a consultant – real life experience, a well researched and proven process, in-person training and coaching. All that was great. However, the main reason we chose to partner with Oceanus is they had a true respect for our sales and service professionals, our clients and most importantly the insurance industry as a true “profession.” The process and approach espoused adds real value for both our agency and our “right fit” clients. A true win-win. I would be proud to have any of our largest clients or most sought-after recruits witness any part of our training. They would come away understanding that our approach adds real value and lifts many companies out of a “flawed and dangerous” approach to insurance and risk management that has unfortunately all too often reflected poorly on our industry. If you are looking for gimmicks and quick tricks, Oceanus is not for you. If you want to build a sustainable advantage that you can be proud of, give them a call. Now let’s hope we sell something!”

    - Patrick Kelly, President of Commercial Division

  • What People are Saying about The WorkComp Workshop

    “Hands down one of the best training courses I've taken.” ~ Jason Heacock, Principal Heacock Insurance

    “Frank and Susan teach a tactical approach to overcoming the technology-driven world of selling insurance. Their engagement process exposes the complexity of our industry and how important it is to be an expert in our field and advisor to decision makers.”  ~ Morgan Reid Producer / Florida

    “I found the workshop to be quite relevant for those looking for another approach to opening doors for new business. The competition has gotten lazy and the days of "relying on your renewals" are over. Especially bigger commercial. This is a clear path to try something different.” ~ Peter Frank- Producer/Principal

    “Highly recommend the class for any agent that feels they want to be an advisor and set themselves apart form the competition.” ~ Michael Kane-Producer/Minnesota

    “Thank you Frank and Susan, for the great service you have provided to my as a trusted agent, and on my behalf of my current and future clients. You knowledge and professionalism will go far beyond my ears and eyes. I am grateful for your service. I will certainly continue to be a valued client of yours.” ~ Annabelle Lastre, Florida Agent

    “Highly recommend this course to those who wish to make a difference in the lives of others and be very successful.” ~ California Agent

    “Before I worked with Oceanus Partners I had a $500K book. They changed how I sell and it’s why my book is now over $1Million” ~ Florida Agent

    “Great workshop and overall presentation of material. The leave behind with the manual and the flash drive alone is worth the price of admission. This could be a week long course to cover all the info in what you had presented. Fantastic benefit for the agent to differentiate themselves overall.” ~ Florida Agent

    “Frank and Susan, The content and pace of this workshop is perfect for both new agents as well as veterans in the workers compensation arena. The disruptive selling process is going to be extremely useful in discovering what my clients' risk management needs truly are. Having you as mentors gives me the all the confidence I need to be successful in this industry. Thanks!” ~ Producer