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  • Frank Pennachio

    Frank Pennachio

    Frank Pennachio has spent 30 years leveraging his Workers' Compensation knowledge and teaching insurance agents how to market and manage Workers' Compensation programs. Before its evolution to Oceanus Partners, Frank co-founded The WorkComp Advisory Group in 2009, to help independent insurance agents implement a consultative approach to win business by competing on value.

    Frank is an expert in the technical elements of workers' compensation, emphasizing the need for agents to understand all aspects of protecting an employers' workforce in order to provide true value. In addition, Frank is knowledgeable in agency sales and marketing strategies designed specifically to reduce reliance on contingency commissions and increase agency revenues.

    Frank has worked with agents and experienced producers in an educational community setting for nearly a decade and has personally trained more than 1,000 agents.

    Frank was the recipient of the Workers' Compensation Notable People for 2009 award sponsored by the LexisNexis Workers' Compensation Law Center. He regularly publishes articles in such outlets as Risk and Insurance, Professional Insurance Agent, WCEC, HR Magazine and Insurance Journal.

  • Susan Toussaint

    Susan Toussaint

    Susan Toussaint has worked with agents and employers for nearly a decade developing both wellness and injury management programs.

    As co-founder of Oceanus Partners, Susan's passion is helping agents develop and implement processes that smooth the path for pipeline development strategies, selling and client retention.

    Susan is responsible for program and process development for Oceanus Partners and its members. She works with agencies to develop processes to improve their efficiencies, outcomes and revenue.

    Susan recently received the Workers' Compensation Notable People for 2010 award sponsored by the LexisNexis Workers' Compensation Law Center. 

    Before its evolution to Oceanus Partners, Susan co-founded the WorkComp Advisory Group, an organization committed to helping insurance agencies interested in leading with workers’ compensation to integrate technical knowledge with an effective sales process and implementation strategies.

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"Frank and Susan have been an asset to our team in delivering industry best practices and providing solutions to many internal problems we didn't even know we had. They have truly become trusted advisors in that what they say, we listen to and take to heart. They are a great resource for any firm looking to grow and differentiate."

- Brandt D. Beal,
President & CEO
The Gibraltar Group